Certified Dumbass

Certified Dumbass

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the goverment are all braindead

While I seriously love this game, I’d like for the team developing it to focus on working out those crashing bugs. I was having a hearty time, making headway in the NanoBots disease, about ready to execute my finishing touches to eradicating humanity, when it crashed and forced me to do the whole thing again. It just gets a little frustrating, yes?

Why you should buy this:

-China banned it, sole reason to buy tbh
-you can destroy mankind in many different scenarios
-some guy said that after 3 years Covid19 killed us all, so if its true then this game is really realistic and to all the aliens that see this review and we are gone, play this, its good, Trust the dead humans

While the game is fun and reletively in depth, it’s heavily based on RNG which makes it to where a certain strategy won’t work without you specifically playing over the same virus over and over again to unlock genes. It’s a great game, but if you don’t have the time or the patience to mindlessly farm genes that aren’t even guarenteed, it’s not fun.