MOD Desc
SCP-2006 Object Class: keter
SCP-2006 is an anomalous spherical entity roughly 50 centimeters in diameter when in its default state. SCP-2006’s stated goal is to cause feelings of fear and/or horror in as many humans as possible. To accomplish this purpose, SCP-2006 possesses the ability to change its shape, mass, volume, density, chemical structure, and voice to any form that it desires. Currently, there is no known way to damage SCP-2006. The extent of its shape-shifting abilities is unknown, and is currently thought to be unlimited.

If you’re an intelligent person, you’ll figure out how this game works and master it after a couple successful campaigns, then uninstall it and never touch it again.

If you’re a dumb normie, you’ll play it over and over again and think it’s game of the year material.

(Most of my playtime is from using an idler to get cards. I only actually played this snorefest game for about two hours.)

Man, this game is so much fun. There’s so many different ways to play it, too. I just discovered how fun the official scenarios are and am trying to beat all of them on the hardest difficulty. You can even create your own custom scenarios and download ones others have created via Steam Workshop. With how often they update this game and owning it enables free updates, there’s no reason not to buy this game