The perfect World,Utopia

The perfect World,Utopia

MOD Desc
Welcome to utopia here the world has been reached the mundial peace, evey country is wealthy here dont have poor country and every country is urban. the perfect world,Utopia.

this is my first creation to plague inc. with the language is not good,sorry,i am brazillian so english is not my home language.

Aw yes! Plague Inc Evolved, such an amazing game! I started playing Plague Inc on the mobile version but NEVER! Did I thought That that version was just the door.
The pc one is just amazing!

Very Educational, Amazing graphics And they have put the theme to amazing use!

I look forward to see what new amazing plagues Ndemic Creations will come up with!

P.s I’ve been chatting with Ndemic Creations via Emails for some questions and there team are amazing very friendly!

Probably the freindiest Dev Team I’ve met so far 😉

Fun little game with tons of scenarios, both official and unofficial (mods). It can eventually get a bit repetitive and boring but I still find myself coming back every once in awhile. If you got $15 to spend then go ahead and buy it but otherwise I’d wait for a sale.

Also, just my little opinion, the Chinese government can summarily go itself. ‘Oh, our people are getting killed by Corona-chan? I know! Let’s ban a video game, yes, that’ll help.’ I know it’s a drop in an overflowing bucket when it comes to you authoritarian but seriously, you.