Time for a Death Battle

Time for a Death Battle

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Ever since Goku lost to Superman, Goku fanboys have been extremely angry at everyone in the comments section. However, some went as far to create an entirely new method of butthurt…

This scenario is not meant to be taken seriously at all. It’s my first attempt and all I did was mess around with it.

This game is unlike any other I’ve played. I recommend it if you like strategy games and want to challenge yourself. It’s brutal-especially on the difficulties of the same name haha. This game is about creating and mutating various plagues to wipe out mankind. You might not think it, but this is actually a great game to play with a group of friends. It’s perversely satisfying when you and a group of friends get together and simulate various ways to wipe out humanity-whether it be with an ancient brain controlling worm, a prion, a mechanical bioweapon, a simple virus or bacteria.

They even added more plagues than that which is a large part of why I love this game so much. It would have been great as it was, but they weren’t satisfied and added a vampiric plague that allows you to create vampires and enslave humanity, or you could wipe out the world with a zombie apocalypse, and they added a Planet of the Apes type plague that allowed you to mess around with the idea of using sentient apes to destroy humanity. The amount of thought and depth they put into each of those three new plagues impresses me and is the main reason I will always come back to play this.

It’s a great game whether you’re looking to just kill a couple hours, or trying to game all week. There are a bunch of scenarios that let you play out various situations either made up or from history to keep you interested if you get bored of the main game. Scenarios like the black plague, or an infectious happiness disease. This game even has multiplayer so you can play online with your friends or other people. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I know it has both co-op and competitive modes for whether you want to work with or crush others online.

I also like that it rewards you for completing games by unlocking additional genes to implant in your plagues to help give them a boost (help them spread faster) in certain environments or help them remain unseen for longer. These are essential if you’re going to try and beat any of the plagues on their highest difficulties. Seriously-this game is beautifully difficult. The genes aren’t necessary for normal gameplay, but they do make it easier and more fun to try to more manually direct how your plague spreads at first. For example: I like starting out in Saudi Arabia or India. They’re both arid, hot climates and I often give my plague a gene boost in arid climates and a boost to spreading by land because they are both connected to a ton of landmass and arid climates. However, I could also have chosen genes that gave my plague a boost in cold and/or humid climates to help my plague spread once it leaves it’s starting environment. Since all your plagues get a slight bonus to the environment type they start in (makes sense, right?) it might be more beneficial to me to plan ahead and help my plague out in climates that it normally would be fairly ineffective in.

All in all, if you like a good strategy game and the idea of wiping out humanity in any way appeals to you-I recommend trying this game out. It’s worth your time and money whether it’s on sale or full price.

I must admit, of all the projects for small platforms Plague Inc. fascinated us the most. It has never been so fun to destroy an entire humanity. If you cast aside false feelings of disgust and contempt for the central idea of the Ndemic Creations product, you will get a clean, unclouded “fan” as a reward. The highest positions in the top store of the App Store are proof of this.

Kill all the people! What’s most interesting, Plague Inc. cannot boast of some first-class visual range. The entire basic gameplay consists of thoughtful contemplation and interaction with tables, graphs and a world map. The developers relied on your imagination and were right. But let’s get back to the idea. This is a game about how to quickly and efficiently bring to death the world’s population through infection with various extremely dangerous diseases. And if at first your playful hands are entrusted only with not the strongest bacteria, then later the villainous ego will require more serious rubbish. And there is one. Here you have a fungus, and a parasite, and a prion, and even a nanovirus. By the way, turning people into zombies is also possible. But first and foremost, it will be necessary to cope with the bacterium. You can start spreading the infection everywhere. The game carefully provides such a unique opportunity. Depending on the climatic zone of the selected region, the disease will initially have strong immunity to cold or, conversely, to heat. At the initial stages, freshly vaccinated ailments will seem primitive to you, so you need to be as responsible as possible in choosing infection methods. As well as the symptoms of the disease, as well as its ability to withstand external stimuli. The number of people who want to deal with your villainous misfortune is directly proportional to, say, the number of corpses on the streets burned daily by the military. So the primary goal will be to infect as many “ sapiens” as possible. Ideally, all the inhabitants of the planet. After that, the virus can be rewarded with a couple of not very pleasant features and symptoms. When a typical patient, after infection, will tear far ahead, his skin will become covered with abscesses, and his internal organs will flatly refuse to function, know that you are on the right track. Controlled ailment itself can mutate, acquiring new functions and features. But only from that list of ‘upgrades’ whose tree we will have to master. ‘Pumping’ the disease is carried out by spending points earned. They, in turn, will begin to arrive at your account as the number of infected and dead bodies increases. As well as countries for which the attack did not pass by.

Try to learn right away that Plague Inc. – This is not a cynical handicraft of the insane, but just an innocuous strategy in which there was a lot of place for black and very black humor. And then long exciting hours of unique gameplay will brighten up your leisure time. Pluses: a unique gaming concept; the correct bet on the developed imagination of the user; deep gameplay. Cons: if you are the one who is for world peace, it is better to refuse to get acquainted with the game.