Rise of Dragons

Rise of Dragons

MOD Desc
Dragons. Beings of great power and majesty. But they are nothing more than stories or miss-identified dinosaurs right? Tell me this then, do we really know what fully exists in the oceans? What about jungles? Or what about caverns? Or even under the ice of Antarctica? Who’s to say that it’s not possible for someone to stumble on something and bring it out into the world unknowingly?

You are the remnants of the dragons that, unbeknownst to the spelunker, have hitched a ride on to resurface upon the world. Yet, you are weak in your current state and must regain your strength to return what was considered to be myth back to the world. Will you fly under the radar and befriend them? Or, destroy the humans and claim the world for yourself? Yet, there could be another way…

Where this scenerario is simply work of fiction a lot of what is used is a real medical condition or term, used correctly. and I do encourage you to look into it yourself!

-Minor unique Icon integration courtesy of Enerin of DA
-Minor custom events lab work completed with Plans for more in the works

This is still a work in progress and as such things are subject to change slightly. But any and all constructive criticism/suggestions/comments is requested via workshop page, or email, (Lego24master@yahoo.com – Please put Plague Inc. Scenario in the title bar for responses!)

This is a reposting of the palge of the same name with additional tweaks

very fun game but at it’s base it’s a mobile game and while it’s $15 on steam, it’s only $0.99 on mobile and while on mobile you have to buy the simian flu and shadow plague seperate, it’s still a much better deal and this game just seems to work better when you can just whip it out while on a bus or in a long like rather than sitting down at a computer