Sheepdog’s Beard Of Death 2.0

Sheepdog’s Beard Of Death 2.0

MOD Desc
The Beard Returns! Recommended to play on normal or higher. Brutal is fun. Mega Brutal is untested. Beards.

This game is an awesome and surprisingly addictive little game. I originally bought this game and started to play on a whim because I have heard about it, but after playing the game for a few hours, I fell in love with it. The PC version is more refined and precise than the mobile version. Also, you get all of the content that is locked on the mobile version. The graphics overhaul is a nice extra touch too, although not AAA graphics, still a nice upgrade. The game also provides many challenges with the different strains of viruses, bacteria, and other ways to annihilate the human race. If you like a strategy game with a clean interface, different concepts of takeovers, and just a fun annihilation game in general, check out Plague Inc. Evolved.

If I could leave a 100% ‘neutral’ review on Steam, I would, but I just can’t give it a positive one. If anybody wants to buy this game, chances are they’ve already played the mobile version. For me, that was the case and I wanted something more detailed. Other than a few visual differences (mostly graphs) this is the same game. In addition to this, the graphics are ROUGH and it seems less sensitive than the original – like I’m playing with some kind of delay. That said, it’s still a fun game (as was the mobile version) and this comes with all the bonus stuff you had to pay extra for on the phone. This negative review isn’t to say that it’s a bad game – which it isn’t – it’s just not a good enough game. If you want it, at least wait for a sale.

> Be deadly disease
> Originate in some crap hole
> Try to spread through planes and ships
> Thousands are being infected
> Symptoms start mutating
> ‘…has mutated and developed the flu symptom…’
> People start dying
> People scared
> Research for the cure begins
> Cure research is now top priority
> Most of the world still isn’t infected
> People slowly transferring disease from country to country
> Kissing -> infected
> Coughing -> infected
> Hope that you can still win in time before cure research is finished
> Be coronavirus

Also the game is pretty good, you can play around with diseases and stuff, would recommend