The Kill Switch

The Kill Switch

MOD Desc
100,000 infectivity to start…

100,000 lethality once you pull the switch…

This scenario is entirely for fun, if you like watching the world turn red and black in a matter of seconds…

Dedicated to the most underrated YouTuber ever… Pravus Gaming

Totally love this game, even if SOME places (like Iceland) is ridiculusly difficult to infect. lol

It can be a bit repetative, but I love how you keep getting new traits to play with. I do wish there was a bit more variation tho. Maybe an added element of lab-testing before you spread it or something? Just to keep the game varied and interesting.

Either way, it’s still a good game.


Edit after Multiplayer feature: It would be awesome again, if there wasn’t random crashing issue. About %20 of times in multiplayer, my game crashes, and I lose(of course, and it’s really boring).

All drivers etc. properly set, I wasn’t experiencing these crashes before, gpu cpu temps are also under control, so I strongly believe this problem is not specific to my computer.