Mundo: 2016

Mundo: 2016

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Todo comienza con un simple accidente de laboratorio, una cepa del virus NEPA infecta a un cientifico que dias despues exparcira el virus en una conferencia realizada en el estado de Nueva York, con el fin de informar que clase de virus se ha creado.

Plague Inc EVOLVED is a game you normally dont see on the Steam store. It is unique , fun and most importantly challenging and it makes you think , Should I evolve my diease further to affect a infected person more? Or should I make more ways of transferring it to people so more people get infected? ORRR…. Toughen up my diease so it is harder to cure in some states and possibly around the world?
This game lets you play your own difficulty , name your own diease , lets you pick your type of diease , and many other things I can’t list right now , WARNING: This game is in early access there are features that havent been added yet , such as multiplayer for the most part and other things. This game does have a workshop where you can easily run and make your own dieases to share to others. Enjoy the game , however I think the price is a teeny tiny bit pricy for what we got right now

Plague Inc Evolved is a remake of the famous moblie game Plague Inc,

This game is great for passing time and makes you grow hatred for Greenland.

Why buy this game you may ask this game has unique plagues that range from Viruses to Bio-Weapons which very few games do.

Since this is a early access game there still working on it and there adding multplayer which i don’t know how it works plague vs plague or plague vs government.

If you get bored of the normal plagues don’t worry there is custom plagues being made from real people every day some from Movies or Games and even the silly ones (Shrek virus).

The down side to this game is you can easily get bored from playing for long periods of time since all you do is evolve the plague and click the appearing bubbles.

They’re also active on the updates and plan on making a great game.