MOD Desc
fnaf world needs help to make pepel happy.

The game is fun (i started it on mobile)

However, you start the game off with only 1 type of plague, all custom scenarios locked, and no extra genes.

I can pay 0.99 on mobile and get the same game, with the same unlock conditions and everything. It’s really frustrating – I paid $15 dollars for this game, why do I have to spend all my time unlocking everything instead of having fun with the game?

A game where you have to wipe out, enslave, or zombify humans, or turn them into your vampire’s slaves. You can also make apes take over the earth. There are many different disease types with different characteristics. There are also many official as well as community created scenarios which put you in a particular unique situation. Very fun overall, though some of the disease types are too similar for my liking.