Fur Syndrome

Fur Syndrome

MOD Desc
Increased ownership in pets allows for diseases to easily travel by fur. However, no scientists have predicted a disesase with the capability of travelling by fur. Scientists still remain unaware, but that will change once a new disease grabs their attention…

[I’m pretty terrible at making icons and people are fairly strict with copyright therefore there are none. I do apologize for this.] [Also, this isn’t supposed to be a scenario for furries. Please stop :/]

I hope you enjoy this scenario, and as any intelligent person would say…

Praise Pravus!

This game is cute for children, but having even a high school level understanding of evolution makes the gameplay seem pretty asinine. The speed at which new mutations occur should be dependent on how many organisms exist, but in the game it seems based more on new infections. Also, the newly mutated strains should originate and spread into different regions seperately, instead of universly adopting the new traits. The game is basiclally a phone app adapted for PC and a pretty poor representation of a global pandemic. Seemed like a cool concept, really unfortunate to see it executed so poorly.