Resident Evil

Resident Evil

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Custom Scenario based on Resident Evil 1-3

I don’t understand why this game is still in Early Access. It’s one of the most complete games I’ve played. Rather bug-free as well!
To the game: I don’t feel like explaining what this is about, you can find that info elsewhere, easily.
As for the price-tag, if you’re planning to explore the game to it’s fullest, i.e.: do all or most of the achievements, you can spend a LOT of time with it. I spent about 50 hours in game (counter shows more but idle and so on..) and that’s about how long it took me to do all of the achievements. And these get really hard in the end! But it adds to the fun for me. For people who are uncertain as to if this game’s worth the money, I recommend just trying out the phone version. Yeah, the content on the mobile version is largely the same, but due to the nature of touchscreens and the capability of phones, it’s rather dull on phone – I feel. Sometimes you just lack the tempo to do certain tasks in a certain speed on touch, while on PC it’s much easier with all the hotkey and mouse controls. It’s simply more manageable. Aside from that, on mobile you have to pay for ‘DLC’, while on PC you get everything for 14 bucks. Also you have triple speed here on PC, while only double speed (max) on phone. To everyone saying this is a slow game, I recommend upping the game’s speed, you’ll have your hands full with work, especially on higher difficulties.

If you’re the kind of person that’s not even interested in playing a game to it’s fullest, someone who’s like ‘yeah I’ll try every mode out once on the easiest difficulty and move on’ then no, this game probably has very little to offer for you and thus rather low value in regard to it’s price.

As for the multiplayer that’s still in development; I feel multiplayer on a game like this is needless. But apparently, people seem to enjoy it (unlike me). But I guess MP is, in today’s world, a high value proposition for most of gamers.

Anyway, if you’ve liked what you’ve read and seen, maybe stumbled across this review, I can wholeheartedly recommend buying this game under the above circumstances.

EDIT: after the release of 1.0… my opinion is the same 🙁 Adds nothing to the mobile experience, on the contrary.

Well… actually it is THE SAME as the mobile game, i mean LITERALLY the same, with the same messages, events, expansions, achievements, etc…. with a better 3D visualization, but even in this respect it fails to do any amazing, i found myself going back to my Android phone when i wanted to play this game, at least i can play that in my bed and this PC version adds NOTHING to the experience… 🙁
PC version excels where the Android excels and poor where the Android version is poor…

I’m sad about this because i’m happy to support the developer, but i expected more.. like this

– Much better visualization/indication of the effects of the abilities/symptoms, etc. (what the mobile always lacked)
It is what i always found annyoying in this game, you can select an ability/symptom, you see the red dots and the stat numbers, but you can never be sure what it caused exactly… did your choice help to infect a country or was it just mere luck and nothing to do with your latest choice? Very Very hard to interpret the effects of your choices, i expected this to be in this ‘Evolved’ version
– Much more events you can react to more directly, i mean currently there is little to do when an event happens… if you are lucky and your pathogen is close to the country where the event happens yes, but otherwise there is little to do… so here there can be inprovements in the game mechanics
– More realistic realization of what your pathogen is causing, like ‘The whole Nightwish band is infected in Finland so no more nordic metal in the world :)’ or something like that 🙂 If we are on PC we should see more animations, videos, texts, etc about what is happening… it would be the ‘evoulution’ for me
– In general what i expected: new ideas, re-invented game mechanics, something deeper, more fun…. it is just THE SAME 🙁

So I would suggest you stick to the mobile version at this point… in the future? Well… I really hope this great app will really EVOLVE and not just renew its skin 🙁


-Challenging in the greatest way possible. I usually find games that provide somewhat of a challenge, but not enough to really test your abilities and get you thinking of what to do differently. This game has that extra challenge that gets you thinking of new ideas and tricks.

-The ability to create your own virus and give it unique effects that you can generate in the game. I do recommend playing the game first and understanding what does what and such before experimenting with this tool. It will make creating your own virus much more fun.

-Different plague types that really change up the gameplay, there is tons of clones of this game that fail to do this, and usually each type of plague in them play a similar style, or can be beaten using the same strategy. With this, each plague plays drastically different than the other.

-Unique Scenarios that depict real life plagues or something completely random to occupy you after you beat the core game.

-The ultimate feeling that will please all sadists knowing you are killing off all of humanity.


-The Fungus plague type is extremely boring, and if you get too impatient (Which probably will happen) it will anger you to the point you will throw your controller because it has been 6 years and you finally infected everything, only to end up losing because you dont have very much DNA. So to get around this, only increase the infectivity a little, and let the game infect everyone THEN when you save enough, Get to total organ failure, and then you should win.

-I really dont have other cons personally, if I play this game more and I find some other things personally tedious, I will add them.

I recently bought this on PC, and I will say it is definitely worth picking up if it goes on sale, It is quite the upgrade from the mobile version, which is good, but doesnt feel as massive as this is. I have already pumped 22 hours into this game, which is a rare sight for me since I do not really play games any more. If you like a challenge, and you like moderate paced action, this game is for you.