Climate Modification Nanites

Climate Modification Nanites

MOD Desc
– This is an IndigoFenix scenario. Expect new mechanics. –

To fight climate change, scientists have created a nano-viral agent with the ability to alter Earth’s climate. But the nanites are accidentally released when they are still in beta testing! The results could prove to be catastrophic…

4 endings! Will you end the world in fire or ice, devour humanity directly, or maintain balance and save the planet? It’s up to you…


Use climate modifying abilities to alter the local climate. If temperature reaches high or low enough extremes, people will die of the heat or cold.

Dismantle cities to fight the cure – and pollution-creating industry – without harming humans. Or just kill all humans directly if you prefer.

Adapt to your environment and alter the bonus from DNA bubbles in-game!

Indirectly create drought and rainstorms – cold temperatures increase rainfall locally but decrease it globally, and hot temperatures do the opposite. Dry conditions are easier to spread in, while storms create chaos and destroy research.

Infect enough countries and climate will be altered on a global scale, freezing or roasting countries before you even get there. Greenland won’t be so hot when the poles are frozen over…

If you like watching little red dots pop up throughout the globe knowing that those red dots are killing humanity, this is the game for you! It was fun for me to watch the world end becase of the rarest pepe, and all those little dots are very theraputic. If there is someone you dislike, or you just feel like wiping out the human race, this is the place to do it! Ive found that the save button is a little glitchy, but if you stick to it, you wont need it! That is all I have to say about this game, so get out there and infect some people, and destroy some governments!

I hate greenland.

I regret this purchase, the game mechanic is poor and not clear. Everything gets in the dark to figure out result wise.

For me:
It is not a strategy game because it is unclear how factors interact in the game.
It is not a simulation because there are no real parameters to modify but a list of small premade choices.
It doesnt count as a puzzle game because there is no real logic reasoning behind a win but trial and error.

Graphics and art are poor, music is repetitive and gameplay is boring and unpolished.

I got like 3 hrs of real intereting content.