The Insanity Disease

The Insanity Disease

MOD Desc
2473 years ago, the Saxons in Northern Europe were fighting a strange people. These people had been infected by the insanity disease, making them completely insane. The most brutal ways of torture, strange rituals of madness, and other insane things were everywhere. Luckily for the Saxons, the amount of people infected by the Insanity Disease, was minimal so they managed to kill them all, and burn their corpses. Today the disease has reappeared in Germany, though it is weakened, and not capable of much. Can you revive the Insanity Disease, and turn the entire world insane?

-‘Dead’ people are insane, not dead, although some symptoms change this. (You will see in-game)

Thank you for subscribing to my custom scenario!

Features Include:
-3 different symtop paths.
-Custom Traits
-Custom Events
-Custom Victory
-Own Music (link is below)

Music Link:

I’ve used some time on this scenario, so I’d appreciate if you’d rate it, or send a mail to the feedback email, because that would help me improve the scenario in the future.

I’d also like to thank R34LM, the creator of ‘A Demon Awakens’, as his custom music gave inspiration to both my scenario, and the idea of custom music.

Feedback Email:

First off I’ll like to thank an old friend for gifting me this game who knows how long ago. I never really said thank you and I’m a meany for not saying it.

This game has came a long way from being some game on the App Store to a huge game on Steam! The game is very simple yet it gives the play a hard time wining. With the Steam Workshop enabled, you can play custom plagues from other players or upload your very own plague to destroy the humans! It never gets old! 8/10

Btw Cheat Engine works in this game so if you’re one of those kind of people…