White Flu

White Flu

MOD Desc
This is my virus, Named ‘White Flu’. The virus starts in cold places (E.g: Greenland).

This game is a heck of a lot of fun. It’s pretty neat trying all sorts of different strategies to determine how to win. In normal mode the game is a bit harder, but allows you to unlock useful items. For example you start with bacteria, once you beat the level it unlock the virus, etc.. I really am enjoying this game and would for sure recommend picking it up!

$10~ (with a discount even!) is too much to pay for a game where all the fun stuff is locked away until you beat the game repeatedly.

I am not 15 anymore; I have a full time job; so requiring me to play the game over and over to unlock things ensues that I won’t play it; as I have better things to do with my time than smash my head against a Skinner Box.

Cool game. Once you are able to beat the standard levels there are a lot of ones made by other players. Of course this game frickin cheats. The only way to Greenland is by boat and boats NEVER go to Greenland. I wish the US would launch like 500 nukes at Greenland in real life. And ports/airports are closed WAY too quick. That’s what really sucks about this game.