Weegee Virus

Weegee Virus

MOD Desc
Patient Zero was infected with a rare virus known as YTP-666. It causes mutation in the body that turns innocent humans into Weegee, a fearsome creature. You must turn everyone into Weegee, and kill them, or you can say goodbye to world domination!

This is a very casual-simulation game that you play when you get bored with all the high def action games. It is challenging and all-new concept game. Destroying the world with your plague before the cure fights you back altogether. Very fun and a different view on the other side. Give it a try!

Start small. Spread. Stay hidden. Spread. Devolve symptoms. Spread. Upgrade resistance. Spread. Upgrade infection rate boosters. Spread. Whole world infected. Oh . I don’t have enough points to kill everyone. That or you kill everyone except for GREENLAND OR ICELAND OR NEW ZEALAND OR WHATEVER!!

I had a lot of fun playing this game, the first scenarios seem incredibly easy but difficulty rises a lot with the more advanced ones.

Quite some replayability in this one to try various routes.

Recommended if you want to have a chill time unleashing death upon all of humanity.