Puellae Magi

Puellae Magi

MOD Desc
Shadow Plague variant inspired by the Madoka Magica setting. WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS

Set indeterminantly between the series and Rebellion, Madoka’s family and city are killed by a senseless tragedy, sending her into a murderous rage that spreads to the Puellae Magi and then from them to ordinary humans. The scenario uses the Shadow Plague mechanics. However, the disease itself is less of a focus than normal; it has relatively low infectivity and lethality on its own and environment and cross-border boosts are harder to obtain than normal. Instead, abilities associated with various characters give substantial bonuses to rampages, and unlock special symptoms that can give further boosts as well as strengthening the plague. Play aggressively, rampage whenever you have a spare DNA point, and strike at the Templars as soon as they appear. The plague won’t do the girls’ work for them without a lot of help; they’ll have to get their hands dirty even more than vampires.

I wanted to add custom government actions, but it doesn’t seem to save the government lab tab. If I can resolve this issue, I’m hoping to add a more dramatic back-and-forth, with events strengthening the Templars and corrupted cultists striking at their bases and civilians when you get the right symptoms (Homura’s).

I’ve been a old supporter of the game ever since the game came out on iOS, and as an Early Release to the game, I can see that NDEMIC Creations have done a brilliant job of creating the game!

Firstly the whole game looks so much better compare to the iOS version, giving details about the world, more indepth detail on the viruses and lastly, the polished graphics given to the game. Virus Combos, Brilliantly constructed Music and insanely addictive for the Early Access

However there are some frequent Frame Delay on some PCs using Medium-High DX10.1/DX11 or a Intel Ivy Bridge CPU’s. I would like to see a Lower Quality Option or the option to swap to 3D to 2D graphics for those who would love to run the game on an Older/Weaker Systems.

I would love to see Steam Workshop support to see what other viruses people could create and a Multiplayer mode for Virus (To Kill) vs Humans (To Cure).

Would Definitely Recommend for everyone!
+Unlimited Virus Strategies
+Brilliantly constructed UI and Menus
+Extremely Impressive for a Early Access

Who wouldn´t want to eradicate humanity from time to time?

If you say ‘Yes, here! Me!’ then you should probably get some help.. or this game.. maybe both.
Either way, Plague Inc: Evolved is a simple game, where you can evolve your virus/bacteria etc. from a harmless flu to a pandemic mass killer.
While the base game is very easy but fun, Plague Inc. has so many different scenarios, as well as different Plagues from mind controlling worms, zombies, intelligent apes and so on, that you can destroy humanity again and again and have different playthroughs. Beside the bigger changes the ways you customize your sickness offers great replayability.

Last but not least the workshop provides hundred fan made plagues for your pleasure and humanitys demise. Furthermore a multiplayer mode is in the making and the developer is very actively improving the game time and time again.

Conclusio: Even if you know the game from it´s mobile beginnings the PC version is worth it´s money, with a broad array of possibilities and challenges to casually destroy humanity in a relaxing evening session.

Conclusion: Not recommended (limited replayability)

A novel premise, but the execution is quite limiting.
At first glance, the game seems varied and interesting, but in reality the gameplay is quite simplistic. Once you play a single game there is little to do beyond beating your previous score.

Also, note the voice acting is not present in the game (only in the advertising movie). This removes a fair bit of the anticipated immersion.

The single player experience offers only few hours of enjoyment (2 – 3 game sessions).

Multiplayer may offer a bit more enjoyment time, but given the game design limitations it is likely to be shorter than mp experiences in other games.

Overall, a fun game the first time, but the limited enjoyment of replayability is why I could not recommend this game.

If you are still set on purchasing the game, my final bit of advice is to recommend that potential buyers wait for the game to go on sale for at least a 50% discount before purchasing.