The Angry Mango Infection

The Angry Mango Infection

MOD Desc
The Happy Grape facility was working on a cure for the mango virus. Something went wrong, Ashley was infected with a new virus then Dr. Clone was, what will happen next.

You Decide!

Plague Inc. is kinda morbid, yet great strategy about destroying humanity. It’s a bit scary nowadays, howewer the focus on realism is one of many good decisions. What I also like is the non-stopping evolvement of the game. I have it for quite some time now, play it every few month or so and everytime I start it, Plague Inc. seems to have some new addons, scenario, monsters or other features.

I like it and I’ll be looking for the other games by this developer.

Plague Inc. Evolved – Whether it is the Simian Flu or your own custom disease, Plague Inc. Evolved definitely provides a wide spectrum of upgrades which can enhance your disease when you collect DNA Points by doing horrible things that you wouldn’t usually do in real life like:
Infecting millions/billions with a zombie like plague
Killing the millions/billions of people I infected for a laugh.
Release your true Hannibal Lector in Plague Inc. Evolved today 😀

‘Ur Mom starts in Saudi Arabia’

‘Ur Mom infects hundreds’

‘Ur Mom infects thousands’

‘Ur Mom has spread to America’

‘A new disease has been discovered. It has been named ‘Ur Mom’ ‘

‘Cure research on ‘Ur Mom’ begins in Saudi Arabia’

‘The cure for ‘Ur Mom’ is %50 complete’

‘Ur Mom to eradicate humans’

‘Success! ‘Ur Mom’ has successfully eradicated humanity’

10/10 would spread ‘Ur Mom’ again.