shadow plague

shadow plague

MOD Desc
infect the world with shade and darkness…
will you win or will you fail?
turn everything nice into evil and evil into Madness

This game seems really overrated. I bought it for around £10 and I’m really not happy with having parted with that much for it. That high a price would imply a better game with more depth but after you have played this through once it looses all novelty. Despite there being slightly different settings for the begining of the plauge with some buffs or whatever it doesnt change the playstyle at all.

Overrated, find something better or buy it when it’s £2. You can play better flash games online.

Do not waste your money on this game, Its just a mobile game with all the features unlocked. The only reason people have long play times on it is because the Necroa plague is t and needs a buff.

I had a fun time with the first few plagues, but then the 50 foot wall called ‘The Necroa Plague’ came along and gave me 14 hours of frustration and regret.

Only play 2 hours of this game and then refund it the instant it reaches that time limit, because this game is not worth anyone’s money.

If you are having a bad day and thinking to yourself ‘everyone can just die’ or something on the lines of that, look no further than this game. Plague inc: Evolved is what I would call, Bio-terrorism simulator because you have alot of plague types that you can use and they have their specific difference and gimmicks, some of them relating to games, movies and TV shows and some of them being real and all can be used almost endless amount of ways. I would rate this 10/10 because I can get addicted to it.