Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship

MOD Desc
In the year 1712 an unknown vessel landed upon a Carribean coast, controlled by otherwordly forces and no crew in sight. A curious sailor stumbled inside to explore and was subjected to a stealthy phantasm intent on ending this world abound.

[Take note that Dark Red and Purple traits cannot be devolved]


(This scenario is designed to be challenging to most. Be prepared for a slow burn in some cases, the Prion can move rather slowly with the time’s technology. If you like small details in your Scenario, this might be just your fix. You will have to excuse the airplanes flying around for the cure, an obvious inaccuracy of the 1700s…also if a nuclear power plant explodes ignore that as well. I am unsure how to remove that specific event from happening. Also, this particular Prion has a tendency to mutate rapidly once you’ve obtained any of the symptoms so keep this in mind, and it also dislikes the cold very much. Much of the trees end with Purple traits, ones designed to end or rapidly accelerate the game, including Transmission trees.)


March 18th, 2020 – Thank you Pravus for reviewing the scenario, your playthrough will greatly help my balancing and additions.


WIP Notes:

– Adding customized events for paired transmissions and symptoms.
– Removing events such as Nuclear Reactors, WHO watchlist, and custom scripts.
– Rebalancing of transmission trees for certain Gene builds.
– Reducing the Cure leniancy that symptoms provide.
– Potentially new pieces in the Ability tree.
– Adding restrictions to certain end-game Transmissions via Symptoms tree.
– Adding description bubbles to Transmission tree to better explain what the Phantasm is.
– Adding a third Symptoms tree.
– Rebalancing of Symptoms lethality.
– Increased cost of Abilities.
– More Flavour text.

While the game has a certain instant appeal, it is poorly designed. It’s chock full of things that doesn’t make any sense and/or are just irrelevant noise that has no bearing on the actual mechanics.

It’s attempts at varying the challenges as you progress through the different pathogens are not backed up by a base system that allows you to use strategy to manuever the obstacles. Rather it pushes scripts on you in order to force certain scenarioes to occur. In effect, it simulates an AI, but doesn’t actually posess one. Some of the premises are complete nonsense and not in a funny kind of way.

In the end you feel like you’re playing some sort of idiotic digital combination of whack a mole and an artificial puzzle game, none of which are remotely interesting or engaging. Once you’re past that initial glee of eradicating humanity, the game has nothing substantial to offer other than a regret of having bought it.