The Strain

The Strain

MOD Desc
‘The end of our world is the beginning of theirs.’
This custom scenario is based on the ‘The Strain’ trilogy by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan.
Includes custom icons. Recommended difficulty is normal.

I recommend turning off the ingame music and listening to this [] instead while playing The Strain

Deutsche Version/german version

I have neither actually read the novels nor seen the TV series. All information about vampire physiology and the properties of vampirism are taken from here []. I made this because some people on the forum requested it.
If anything in this scenario contradicts information from the books, please let me know.
If you feel like it’s too easy/too hard/too luck based, I’m open to suggestions.

Plague Inc:Evolved is a strategy game where you control the spread and evolution of a disease (via manipulating the DNA) with the aim of wiping out the Earth’s population.

If you kill everyone, you win. If they (the human race) cure you, or you run out of living hosts, you lose.

The ‘nastier’ your disease gets, the harder the humans will try to develop a cure.

There are several different plague types (virus, bacteria, bio-weapon etc), and each has there own quirks. For example , a virus will mutate rapidly (possibly developing to be too nasty before you have infected all that many people), while the Neurax Worm can either kill or enslave the humans.

Each game only takes an hour or two, and it’s both entertaining and (to a degree) educational.

If it has a downside, it’s that the strategy for all disease types is broadly the same – you want to infect as many people as possible while trying to limit the ‘nastiness’ of the disease. Once everyone/most of the world are infected, then you can ramp up the lethality.

But even with this consideration, the game has a large amount of replayability, as wins unlock new genes for you to customise your disease, and the different plague types each require a somewhat different strategy. Plus there are 4 different difficulty levels to try your hand at.

I’ve got 85 hours so far, and still have plenty to unlock, and many achievements to get (if achievements is your thing).

I certainly consider I’ve got good value for the money.

It’s a realistic and simple disease simulator with a huge amount of options while keeping it simple and player friendly.

You can choose one among several disease types (bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite, prion, nano-virus, bio-weapon, neurax worm, necroa virus, simian flu and more may be add in the future)
You can name your plague
You can choose your plague’s genetic code (initial traits)
You can choose on which country your plague will start from
You can evolve your plague with symptoms, abilities and type of transmission
The game has 4 difficulty levels being casual, normal, brutal and mega brutal they highest the difficulty the more realistic and challenging the game becomes
A lot of information is displayed about world events and how the world is reacting to your plague and you can use the evolution system to evolve you plague making the best use of the events happening to help spread your pathogen
Aside from the main game disease types there are official scenarios with interesting diseases to play like black beath, smallpox and much more
There are also unofficial scenarios that are made by the players themselves and uploaded on steam workshop making the game have even more content
The controls are simple you can basically play using mouse only or mouse plus space (pause), 1, 2 and 3 to control game speed plus q (opens abilities, symptons, transmission tabs) and e (stats tab)
Can’t think of any
If you like simulation games this is definitely a must buy.