Prehistoric Plague

Prehistoric Plague

MOD Desc
Paleontologists have found amber with a dinosaur skull inside. Little did they know that an unknown dangerous pathogen is hidden within it… the Prehistoric Plague!

100 million years ago, a strain called D1N0, contaminated dinosaurs and made them extremely sick. Undiscovered for millions of years, it has evolved more extraordinary genes and more lethal symptoms. Now that it has come back from extinction, humanity faces a world ending threat, along with dinosaurs coming back.

[Dinosaurs are genetically created by the pathogen, it doesn’t turn people into them]

-There are multiple endings;
Virus + Dinos win
Virus win
Dino win
Virus cured
Dinos killed
Zombified win
Zombified killed
Infected dead, Dinos alive
Military dead, Humans live

Really fun strategy game that I like to keep going back to from time to time. Recently discovered the online multiplayer mode and it’s really hard going up against other players! Provides a fun challenge. The steam workshop custom scenarios are always really well put together or complete jokes (in a good way)

Simple game, complex gameplay.