Weather controller

Weather controller

MOD Desc
Your parasite can actually control weather! this can be really hard to cure, but it is very noticeable

I actually use this game as a break in an undergraduate course just before spring break or christmas break. I teach biology and I project the game through our overhead and let the students collectively make all of the game choices. One semester they named it Final Exams! We talk about real world diseases, antivaxxers, and mutations over time as the game plays out. I particularly like the rolling news feed, as we have a big project (report) in class about global human health and the environment. I try to keep our discussion educational, but still fun as closer you get to break time the more students mentally checkout.

This is the best stragedy game around from phone to pc this is about killing the world… with your own hands, challenging, fun and deadly – Can you infect the world?

I highly suggest getting this game, being able to destroy, ruin and infect the world is extremely fun.

You can be a bactaria, simple yet powerful.

Can be a zombie virus, take the world by the undead.

Or the new one, Vampires, take the world and cover it in shadow.

This is a great game to play, you can play co-op and versus as well to make it more interesting, you can also create your own plagues!