Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu

MOD Desc
The cute shibas are planning to take over the world. Everything is Mine!!!

Version 1.0.3
-Adding new features

This game is a bit addicting. While it is somewhat repetitive once you learn the basics it is actually challenging. There are a lot of scenarios and basically you pick an action and then you sit and watch the screen while you wait for the virus, fungus, etc to spread and wreak havoc and the more havoc your virus reaps the more actions you can choose…fortunantly you can speed up the process of the game otherwise I think it would be awfully boring waiting. It is surprisingly more difficult that I thought it would be even on the normal levels but becomes more difficult on the higher levels. Maybe I haven’t figured it all out yet….I only have 8 hours in the game so far but hey…..I just bought it yesterday LOL. For the price I think you will get your moneys worth.

A game built around controlling a deadly microbe and decimating the population of earth. What’s not to like?

Really though, it has some good mechanics, allowing you to evolve your disease however you want to, using points you get from infecting/killing more people. I always stealth and spread before becoming deadly, but that’s my preference. It’s fun to play as different microbes as well, since whatever you pick will have it’s own strengths, weaknesses, and even som special abilities.

Heck, it’s multiplayer is pretty fun too! My brother and I have done several co-op sessions, and we always enjoyed taking out the planet together.

It’s a fascinating strategy game, and I’ll continue trying out new plans and advancing through the harder difficulties.

I liked this game at first, but then ‘Brexit is great, says lemming!’ scrolled across my screen.

If an adult needs to explain to you why leaving George Soros’s EUSSR is a good thing, you shouldn’t vote or put your anti-humanist anti-thought politics into a video game. Plus, with all the meme-reviews saying ‘haha 20/10 game it became real’, this game’s rating could use a dash of honesty.

Want to make a ridiculous fantasy level where the whole world ‘rejects science’ and embraces ‘magic crystals’, resulting in the creation of a ‘science utopia’ somewhere in the world? Haha, sure, go right ahead with that laughably unrealistic fantasy. It could make for a fun video game level. But if you’re just going to insult people with more humanity than you, that’s on you.