Dog Virus

Dog Virus

MOD Desc
This Virus is unique. It makes everyone infected go through genetic metamorphasis and turns everyone into dogs! It may sound weird. Just play it.

BETA TEST. Leave suggestions to my GMAIL.

V.1 Beta Testing of the Virus.

V.1.1 Fixed Starting Symptoms and Transmissions.

Plague inc is not done yet, but is still quite impressive

Yes, it may be a mobile port, and I admit I had my doubts, but the PC version is quite a major improvement on the mobile.
For starters, yes it may cost money, but it comes with all the virus types, and on the mobile you have to buy these all as DLC’s which in total costs more than the PC version.
The street view is amazing, watching countries burn, the only critisism I have is that there are no news report videos or riot videos
Overall, there are a large selection of pathogens to select from, Enslave the entire world with the neurax worm or turn humanity into a large mass of mindless, flesh-tearing zombies?

I havent even mentioned the possibilities of multiplayer and scenarios yet which are soon to come

8.8/10 Addictive, fun and an original

I played this game on my phone and I really liked it. I saw it’s on the PC now so I had to buy this game. And I’m really glad I did. This is the full game, it has much more facilities and the graphics are really good.
What I think is really good about this game is that you have to play very strategically. If you evolve too fast people will die too quickly, but if you evolve to slow the cure will be finished before you’ve killed everyone. It looks like a simple game, but it’s definitely not!
The extra content with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is also really great! Taking the world over with apes, who doesn’t want to do that?! Playing this content you’re able to use more possibilities with evolving. The apes can use abilities to take down research labs and more.

It’s a really great game, especially for this price!